Mortgage Trivia Contest!


Show off your mortgage knowledge and research skills in our brand new contest!

 PRIZE: $25 President’s Choice Gift Card, Wal-Mart Gift Card, or Milestones/Swiss Chalet/Harvey’s/Montana’s/Kelsey’s Gift Card!

 Questions asked periodically. We will range from 1 to 2 questions per week. Be sure to stay tuned to our page – questions are posted at random times!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: The winner for each question will be randomly chosen. If your answer is correct, you are entered to win! With each question, we will say which correct entry will be our winner. For example, we first may say “the 6th correct answer”, and then with a future question, we may change it to the “4th correct answer”. The order will always be random.

Do you think you have what it takes? Follow the steps below to get started now:

  1. LIKE the original Facebook post with the rules & our Facebook Page:
  2. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page! We will be announcing questions at random times! There will only one question at a time, and a new one will not be posted until we have a winner.
  3. When you see the question, simply find the answer by researching our corporate website. The answer to this question could be anywhere. 
  4. Once you have the answer, EMAIL it to   >> <<Answers that are messaged through Facebook, or posted on Facebook, are not considered. In order to submit your answer, please email your answer to me, at Also, please provide the name of the page on our website, where you have found this information.
  5. Depending on which entry we have chosen (be it 3rd correct answer, 4th, or 5th) we will announce the winner on Facebook, right away. After the winner is announced, you can expect a new question to appear very soon!


  • Winners may only win once. If we run this contest again and you have won, you may not participate. Winners of all previous contests are also not allowed to participate, as we are trying to create opportunities to win with all of our fans.
  • Those who have participated in the Free Radio, Free Tote Bag, or $10 Tim Card Promotion are still welcome to participate
  • Winners must be Canadian residents
  • Winners must agree to have a photo of themselves posted on our page, so we can announce you as the winner!
  • Winners must have liked our page and the original post, detailing the rules to this contest.
  • Answers submitted without a link to the page where the answer is found, will not be considered.
  • Answers submitted on Facebook, even if correct, will not be considered. If you do this, you will simply be asked to email your answer to us.
  • Have fun, and play fair! Don’t give answers away

That’s it! We hope you have fun with our new contest! Please be sure to message our page for any questions!


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